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Family & Children’s Services

Website: https://www.fcsok.org/services/child-abuse-trauma-services/

Family & Children’s Services is the place to turn for help if your child has been hurt by any type of child abuse or trauma including sexual abuse. Girls, boys and their families are cared for by a compassionate team of mental health professionals in our child-friendly environment.

Child abuse and trauma treatment programs build resilience and restore a child’s wellbeing and strengthen families. Through age and trauma-specific outpatient and home-based therapy services, children are healed from symptoms of child abuse or trauma including sexual abuse.

Phone: 918.744.4800 (Crisis 24/7 Helpline)
             918.587.9471 (Virtual and In-Person Appointments)

PO Box 19905 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
If you are having an
Dial 911